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Bringing premium teak wood furniture into homes and offices since 1999.

What Is Teak ?

Teak wood, or Kayu Jati in Malay, is primarily found in Southeast Asia, India, and South American tropical climates. Teak wood has a leather-like smell when freshly milled. Teak wood is particularly valued for its durability, water, and insect resistance. Historically, teak has been the preferred timber for boat building, wooden houses, and furniture. It is considered a protected timber due to its unique properties.

Teak is a slow-growing timber, and plantation-grown teak can take 35-50 years to mature enough to be logged. Naturally occurring or “wild” teak trees are usually much older than that, and it is considered unethical and unsustainable to lumber these to make furniture. Teakita sources all of its teak from Indonesia’s legal forests, where government agencies monitor and protect its careful logging and replanting of teak timber.

The Teakita story

We have almost 25 years of working exclusively with teakwood. In 1999 we opened our first showroom in Kota Damansara. We were purchasing furniture from local Indonesian suppliers and importing them into Malaysia. However, the challenges in maintaining our quality standards meant that, over the years, we started to take more and more control over the production process. In 2002, We opened our own product finishing plant to exert control over the final finished products. Since 2007, we have operated our own factory, where we take raw timber and turn it into finished products under one roof. This allows for product quality control and ensures that all our raw materials are sourced directly through legal and ethical sources. While other companies were focused on mass production, we refined our production methods to allow us to produce custom-designed furniture on a large scale. This has enabled us to continue to make furniture as unique as our customers.

How Long Does Teak Furniture Last?

You can expect your teak furniture to last 50-70 years, possibly even longer, in the right environment and with proper care. Teak has a long lifespan because of its exceptional strength and durability. In addition, Teak weathers beautifully over time and can withstand all weather extremes without using treatments or preservatives.

the advantages of solid wood furniture


The natural oils in the wood keep it from rotting and causing water damage.

Low Maintenance

You can keep your teak furniture looking like new with simple DIY hacks.

Insect & Termite free

Insects are naturally repulsed by teak. It is not Teak if it contains insects.

Strong & Durable

The high-density timber is durable and can withstand heavy use for an extended period of time.

Timeless beauty

The captivating grain-rich timber appears to improve with age.

Environmentally Friendly

The organic material is a renewable resource with no toxic by-products.

Get Design Help

Do not be disheartened if you do not find any furniture that you like. Get in touch with us and tell us your vision. Let our carpenters work their magic to bring your imagination to life.