Repair & Restoration

The luster of the wood could tarnish over time. But that doesn’t mean all is lost. Send it to us for refurbishing.

Why Repair & Restore

Repair and restore are part of Teakita’s efforts to create a circular economy for furniture. Our business aims to save the environment by reducing waste and retaining value. Repair or restoration can prolong the life of your furniture. We provide these services for solid wood and upholstery furniture.

Breathing Life Into Old Furniture

By repairing old furniture you are not only saving money, but you’re also saving mother earth. In support of creating a more sustainable environment, Teakita suggests repairing old furniture. We will try to repair your furniture, if it’s still repairable.

Repair Your Furniture

1. Submit Enquiry

Let us know how the extent of the damage to the furniture.

2. Get A Quote

Our team will process your enquiry and send you a quotation for the repair.

3. Teakita Pickup or Send to Us

You can either send the furniture to us, or we can arrange for pick-up.

4. Repairs By Experts

All repairs will be done by skilled and experienced carpenters.

5. Self-Pick Up Or Delivery

You can either pick your furniture up or have us deliver it to your doorstep.

Our Work

Believe the Professionals

Customer Reviews

Comments from Our Happy Clients

If you are looking for a reliable store to help you import furniture from India, Teakita should be your choice!

The teak furniture from them is sturdy! The handmade pieces are all finished impeccably.

You’d be spoilt for choices. Even if you don’t, they’ll be able to make a new piece for you.

We purchased a custom-made coffee table for our home! The actual table has surpassed my imagination.


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